Understanding Gross Measurements in Beads

Understanding Gross Measurements in Bead Quantities

When it comes to measuring beads in Australia, you may have come across the term “gross” in product descriptions. The term might sound a bit perplexing at first but fear not – it’s a straightforward concept that plays a crucial role in standardising quantities in the world of beads. In this short blog, we’ll delve into what a gross is and why it’s commonly used when measuring beads in Australia.

What is a Gross?

A gross is a unit of measurement equal to 144 items. In the context of beads, this means that when you purchase a gross of beads, you are getting 144 individual beads in that package. The term “gross” evolved to represent a dozen dozens, making it a convenient way to handle quantities of small items like beads.

Why Use Gross Measurements for Beads?

At Bead, Trimming & Craft Company, we embrace the concept of a gross on many products. By offering beads in gross measurements, we align with how these items are supplied to us. This ensures consistency and accuracy in the quantities you receive.