What are Table-Cut Beads?

What are Table-Cut Beads?

In the intricate world of beadwork, the diversity of cutting techniques contributes to the unique charm of each bead. Among these techniques, the art of table cutting stands out, giving rise to table-cut beads. These beads, known for their distinctive flat surface have captured the imagination of jewellery designers and enthusiasts alike.

The Art of Table Cutting: Table-cutting is a traditional method that involves shaping a bead by grinding and polishing its facets, ultimately resulting in a flat or slightly domed table surface. This technique is often used on gemstones, glass, and crystals, giving the bead a vintage and timeless appeal.

Flat and Faceted Elegance: The defining feature of table-cut beads is their flat, broad surface, which serves as a canvas for intricate facet patterns. These facets catch and reflect light, creating a play of brilliance that adds depth and character to the bead.

Versatility in Design: Table-cut beads come in various shapes, including round, square, oval, and more. The versatility of this cutting method allows for a wide range of design possibilities, making them suitable for both classic and modern jewellery creations. Their flat surface also makes them ideal for creating beads with a more substantial presence in a design.

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