Why Choose Nickel Free Findings?

Why Choose Nickel Free Findings?

Adorning oneself with jewellery is a timeless expression of style and personality. However, beneath the glimmer of accessories, a silent culprit often lurks – nickel. While a common component in many jewellery findings, nickel can harbor potential harms that go beyond aesthetic allure.

The Allergic Agitator:

Nickel allergy is one of the most prevalent causes of contact dermatitis worldwide. For those sensitive to nickel, the skin’s reaction can range from redness and itching to blistering and swelling. Jewellery findings containing nickel may trigger these allergic responses, transforming the joy of wearing jewellery into an uncomfortable ordeal.

Hidden Culprit in Hypoallergenic Claims:

Surprisingly, even jewellery labelled as “hypoallergenic” may contain nickel. While hypoallergenic suggests a reduced likelihood of causing allergic reactions, the term lacks strict regulations. Consequently, some jewellery labelled as hypoallergenic may still harbor traces of nickel, posing a risk to those with sensitivities.

Tarnishing the Beauty of Jewellery:

Beyond its impact on the skin, nickel can tarnish the aesthetic appeal of jewellery. When exposed to moisture and air, nickel may oxidize, resulting in discoloration and a diminished luster.

To conclude, while nickel may be a common component in jewellery findings, its potential harms, especially for those with sensitivities, should not be overlooked. As consumers become more conscious of the materials used in their accessories, jewellery makers and manufacturers are increasingly exploring alternative, nickel-free options. By understanding the hidden dangers of nickel in jewellery findings, we can make informed choices that prioritize both style and well-being. After all, jewellery should be a source of joy, not an unwitting cause of discomfort.



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